How to Swap Cells in Excel

This article explains how to swap cells, columns, etc. in Excel.  (You don't have to buy the product on the page -- just read the parts about manual and VBA swapping.)

10 Excel Tricks to Eliminate Some Annoying Chores

Here's an article with 10 Excel tricks that will make some common chores a little easier.  Though it was written with Excel 2003 in mind, all these methods still work today.  I really like tip 8.

Reducing Excel Workbook and Worksheet Frustration

Here's a good article with tips on how to reduce common frustrations in Excel. I really love the tip for using VBA to create an index of worksheets.

Become an Excel Ninja

Here's a great Gizmodo article with 18 tips on how to become an Excel Master.  Although I consider myself pretty proficient with Excel, I learned a few things from the article. I especially like tips 4 and 7.

How to Select Cells, Rows, Columns, and Ranges on an Excel Worksheet

Selecting objects in Excel isn't always as straightforward as you'd think.  Here's a primer from Microsoft on how to select cells, rows, columns, and ranges in Excel.  You'll be a selection pro in no time!