PDF Text Extractor

Ever want to extract text from a pdf but couldn't just highlight and copy it?  Try A-PDF Text Extractor.  It's freeware, so there isn't much risk other than making sure you're getting a legit copy from the maker rather than elsewhere on the internet.  It doesn't work on every pdf because some are image based and there's no text to grab, but it should do the trick much of the time.

How to Swap Cells in Excel

This article explains how to swap cells, columns, etc. in Excel.  (You don't have to buy the product on the page -- just read the parts about manual and VBA swapping.)

10 Excel Tricks to Eliminate Some Annoying Chores

Here's an article with 10 Excel tricks that will make some common chores a little easier.  Though it was written with Excel 2003 in mind, all these methods still work today.  I really like tip 8.

Reducing Excel Workbook and Worksheet Frustration

Here's a good article with tips on how to reduce common frustrations in Excel. I really love the tip for using VBA to create an index of worksheets.

Become an Excel Ninja

Here's a great Gizmodo article with 18 tips on how to become an Excel Master.  Although I consider myself pretty proficient with Excel, I learned a few things from the article. I especially like tips 4 and 7.