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How to Prevent Google Search from Going Blank in Firefox

Are you using a newer version of Firefox that makes your Google search results page go blank when you hit the back button to return to it?  Of course, you can just hit the refresh button to bring them up again, but why go though that hassles.  Here's a permanent fix:

The issue centers around zoomed in (i.e., enlarged) Google search results and how Firefox handles that.  You'll need to change Firefox's setting for this.  To do so, go to about:config in Firefox by typing that in your browser's address bar.  Accept the warning saying you're working under the hood and could damage the settings.  Then type:


You should see that it's set to -1.  Change that to 0, so that it looks like this after your edit:

browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers = 0

That should solve the issue.  If you're reluctant to make any changes to Firefox's settings, just zoom down (i.e., reduce the size) of Google's search results.  That should also resolve the issue.

Google Reader is Gone. What Should I Choose as My Next RSS Reader?

Google shuttered Google Reader on July 1, 2013. Why?  Theories abound but that's neither here nor there as far as this post goes.  What matters is finding an alternative RSS reader that fits your needs.  Rather than write this when Google announced its decision, I decided to wait and see how the landscape shaped up a little after the fact. Below are several services that -- a little over a month since the shutdown -- are vying to snap up former Google Reader users.

Three Useful Excel Conditional Formatting Tips

Check out this useful article at Tech Republic that covers three useful Excel conditional formatting best practices.

Illustrated Guide to SQL Joins

This article at Coding Horror is an excellent primer on SQL joins. Check it out. It's illustrated, which helps the reader understand the already well-written and succinct explanations.

Clean Up Save As Menus with File Menu Format Customizer

File Menu Format Customizer is freeware that lets you tame extremely long SaveAs dialogs that contain tons of file formats.  Check out the developers page to see what programs it works with and to see before and after cleanup screen captures.   A nice little utility to have.