How to Search Outlook Attachments by Text or Extension

Ever been in Outlook and want to find all spreadsheets or documents instead of every attachment type? Or want to find an extension by the text in it? Then check out this terrific article on how to search attachments by extension or the text it contains at

How to Auto Repeat a YouTube Video

If you're watching in a browser, it's easy to have a YouTube video automatically repeat.  Just right-click on it and click on Loop. If you see a check mark, you're set.

CTRL+End Goes Too Far in Excel and Google Spreadsheets

Irked. That's how you feel when you hit CTRL+End and you land way beyond the end of your data in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

CTRL+End overshoots the end of the data after a lot of data is deleted. Although you eliminated the data, the spreadsheet doesn't update what it considers to be the active range.

However, there's an easy fix.

First, delete all the rows that used to house the deleted data.

Second, save the spreadsheet to force it to update the active range.