How to Save Spotify Playlists

Some playlists in Spotify update regularly.  For example, Discover Weekly updates every Monday.  If you love a regularly updated playlist and want to keep it beyond the update, you'll have to save it.

You can do this one of 2 ways.  First, in desktop version of Spotify, create a new playlist by either selecting File > New playlist, right clicking in the playlist area and selecting Create Playlist, or typing CTRL+N.  Then you'll have to name the new playlist.  Once you've done that, you simply highlight the items you want to save.  For the entire playlist, use Edit > Select All or press CTRL+A.  If you want only certain items, you can use CTRL+left click to select multiple non-consecutive items or SHIFT+left click to select consecutive items.  Drag all selected items to the new playlist.

If you want to automate saving and enjoy tweaking settings and are comfortable with very light coding, you can use the web service IFTTT to automate saving certain playlists.  This IFTTT recipe saves Discover Weekly.  This one saves Release Radar via IFTTT.  The only drawback to this approach is it saves the entire playlist and keeps appending new ones onto the same saved playlist, so you'll eventually have a long one.

More about IFTTT and Spotify in this Make Use Of article by Mark O'Neill.

Use Netflix Saved Function to Automate Your DVD Queue

Nowadays the spotlight is on Netflix streaming offerings (rightly so). But its legacy mailing service is still useful for getting the latest releases. 

Netflix mail subscribers order titles in a queue, which is where they line up discs to be sent automatically.  Netflix's Saved feature allows subscribers to add unreleased titles.  As the titles become available, they'll automatically transfer to the active queue.  The Saved area also has an Availability feature, which shows when the title will be available. (If the release date is unknown, you'll see "Future release" in this column.)

This is convenient because you can spot films currently in the theater or in Netflix's Future Releases section, add them to Saved, and they'll pop up for viewing eventually without further intervention by you.  The only caveat is the title will move into last position in your queue, so if you want it sooner you'll have to manually reorder titles.

Excel Arrow Keys Scrolling Page Instead of Moving Cursor

Did your arrow keys suddenly stop moving the cursor in Excel and start scrolling the page instead? Here's the fix: toggle your SCROLL LOCK (aka, ScrLk) key on your keyboard. You probably accidentally pressed it and changed the arrow key behavior in Excel.

How to Power Up Your Google Searches

Here's a good, succinct article at Brightside that shows 10 ways you can power up your Google searches. It mainly involves what extra syntax you can use to make a search more effective.

Sound Files on External Memory Card Not Showing in Android Notification Sounds Menu

Trying to add a custom notification to your Android phone but unable to find it if it's on you device's external memory card? It's probably due to your database being out of sync. Here's the fix:

  1. Open Settings - Apps
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select Show System
  4. Scroll down to Media Storage and tap Storage
  5. Select Clear Data in that app's settings
  6. Reboot your Phone
  7. Wait a few minutes for the database to rebuild
Also, make sure sounds for notifications are stored in  /Notifications.  (Place alarm sounds in /Alarms and ringtones in /Ringtones).