Google News Won't Save Editor's Pick Viewing Frequency Setting

You visit Google News. You start to look at the Editor's Picks.  Sewing and Crochet World appears. No offense to sewers and crocheters, but you just aren't into that so set this publication to appear rarely by moving the slider under the headlines over to the far left.

Next visit what do you see? Sewing and Crochet World! Adding insult to injury, the frequency setting is back to sometimes! What gives?

So you try several times to set it to rarely but the setting never sticks.

Try this -- it might not work but is worth a shot.  Go to Personalize at the top of Google News. Find the publication that you want to change the frequency of  Under Adjust Sources. If the publication isn't listed, you can type its name in the "adjust frequency of any source" box to make it appear. Move the slider to the desired frequency and then scroll down and hit the save button.

This has worked for me.  Your mileage may vary.

How to Clear Pivot Table Cache

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One thing to try that wasn't listed in the article -- if you have only a few pivot tables, copy each one's source data to a new table/range and give it a new name.  Change the Data Source for the pivot to the new table/range.  Refresh.  That has worked for me.  Admittedly, this might not be a great idea if you have lots of tables.