Convert a PDF to Word .doc Format for Free Online

Ever have a PDF with some content that you wanted to change, but couldn't since you didn't have PDF editing software?

If so, PDF to Word might be for you. This site says it's still in beta mode, but you couldn't tell by the quality of the product. I used it to convert a PDF that contained an image, a couple of font faces, and a header block. The converted Word .doc file looked wonderful -- it was an exact replica of the PDF, except it was editable.

PDF to Word also allows you to convert to .rtf format if you want more universality.

The site emails converted file to you, so you do have to submit an email address. However, the privacy policy states that the email address is never used to send unsolicited emails to you and it is never sold. In addition, the PDF you sent for conversion, and the resulting .doc or .rtf file, are destroyed immediately after conversion and sending, respectively.

Here's a screen capture of the web page:

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