Sudoku Freeware: Simple Sudoku

Been looking for sudoku freeware? Then give Simple Sudoku a test drive. I had been looking to learn sudoku but didn't like any of the online versions much. After searching and trying a few different installable applications I stumbled upon Simple Sudoku . I tried it and found it both easy to use right away yet teeming with growth possibilities.

Simple Sudoku offers five difficulty levels. In addition, Simple Sudoku allows you to enable or disable different visual aids such as filters and coloration so that little or no trial or error is necessary to solve a puzzle.

Other nice features include being able to save games, even uncompleted ones; printing of blank grids; and the ability to size the puzzle from small and easy to large and more complicated.

Simple Sudoku is free but for private use only. Download Simple Sudoku.

Here's a glimpse of the Simple Sudoku interface:

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