System Error 85

Related to my post below regarding Net Share commands involving names containing spaces is this error explained well at maxi-pedia:

The System error 85 has occurred or in full the System error 85 has occurred. The local device name is already in use. is one of Microsoft's error messages that is related to mapping network drives. It is one of the error messages that can make your hair grow gray.

The System error 85 has occurred error message is also similar to the System error 67 has occured message. As these two messages demonstrate, Microsoft Windows is in some cases very good in hiding the relevant information from the user, despite attempting to be user-friendly.

This error message happens most commonly when trying to map a network drive. In a nutshell, this message happens because the network drive letter you are trying to use for another mapping had already been used by some other resource.

The System error 85 has occured is most annoying when trying to map a network drive using the NET USE command.

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