Want to Add a 3rd Column to a Default Blogger Template?

Feeling a bit cramped with your current Blogger template's mere 2 columns? Well, maybe you should add a third column. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Google search for "Custom Blogger templates" or " free Blogger templates" and you'll stumble upon tons of templates -- many of which are free -- that you can use for your own blog. A couple of caveats about this method:
    • First, some of these don't work correctly. Some common problems include the template not working correctly with Blogger Page Elements, missing some functions, or flat out not displaying correctly
    • Second, be careful as some code may inject vulnerabilities or even malicious code into your blog.
    • Lastly, they might not be search engine friendly

  2. Modify one of the themes that come standard with Blogger. This is my preferred method because the Blogger default templates are safe to use and search engine friendly, albeit ugly. The good thing is that they are easily customized and there are many good tutorials for how to do so. One place that you'll find great step-by-step instructions for tweaking several default blogger themes is at: http://gayabo.blogspot.com/2008/06/three-columns-denim-template.html.
I will continue adding upon this thread in additional installments pointing out other useful Blogger tweaking tutorials.

One thing I must point out before concluding today's post: Before modifying your template, be sure to save a backup copy of it by going to Layout > Edit HTML > click Download Full Template link.

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