How to Hide Gmail Spam Counter Without Using Plug-Ins

Do you hate seeing the number of unread spam messages residing in your Gmail account? Yes, Gmail does purge the spam every 30 days. And yes, you can also periodically purge the spam yourself by selecting the "Delete all spam messages now" link.

Still, it's annoying to see that you have 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 spam emails.

The are a few ways to hide the Gmail Spam Counter. Most involve third-party browser plugins. But if you use a browser without that plug in, the spam counter will be visible.

Google Labs offers a feature that lets you hide the Spam Counter -- unfortunately it hides the counters for all categories, too!

So I think the best way to hide the Gmail Spam Counter is through a filter. The filter will always be available to you no matter what computer you're on and won't hide the other category counters. Interested? Here's how to set it up:

1. Go to "Settings" at the upper right.

2. Select "Filters"

3. Select "Create a new filter" at the bottom of the "Filters" page.

4. In the "Has the words" textbox, enter "in:spam" as you see below and click the "Next Step" button:

5. After hitting the "Next Step" button you'll then have to click through the following warning that states, "Warning: Filter searches containing "label:", "in:", or "is:" criteria are not recommended, as these criteria will never match incoming email. Do you still wish to continue to the next step?" (Despite the dire warning, the filter DOES work.)

6. Then just choose to "Mark as read" and hit the "Update Filter" button.

That's it! Now you shouldn't see the Spam Counter any more.

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