Hide Running Application Windows with ZHider 2.0

The workplace can be so sufficating. You have to dress and talk a certain way. You need permission for taking breaks, eating lunch, taking vacations, and going to appointments. You can't run certain software. You always have to look busy.

ZHider 2.0 can help you with the last two issues. It's a tiny, portable, and free application that will let you conceal an application instantly. ZHider will make sure the window is not only hidden from the desktop, but from the taskbar too. You can create global hotkeys for hiding and unhiding specified apps. The ZHider app itself requires no installation and generates no sounds or tray icons; it can even be renamed for added stealth. Finally, you can make ZHider invisible even to the Task Manager.

Here are two links to download ZHider. The first is from the publisher at Zinious Software; the second is at Softpedia.com.

And here's a reproduction of the screen capture found at both pages:

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