How to Get PrintConductor Freeware for Batch Printing Documents

PrintConductor is a very useful freeware application that lets you print documents in batch mode. By batch mode, I mean that you select the files in your file browser and send them all to print with one command. Batch printing really comes in handy when you have to print out a few files as it saves you the effort and time involved with opening each file individually in its resident application and then printing, or even over right-clicking each file and printing from the context menu.

PrintConductor supports many popular file formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PDF, to name a few of the most popular ones.

In addition, PrintConductor lets you convert documents into TIFF, GIF, or JPG formats if you install an optional program (unfortunately, that one -- Universal File Converter -- is not free).

You could easily convert documents to PDF by using PrintConductor in conjunction with a virtual PDF printer such as PrimoPDF to convert documents into the universal PDF format. You would just select the PrimoPDF virtual printer from within PrintConductor to convert to PDF.

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