Learn How to Save When Buying a Car

If you are inexperienced at buying a car online or at using online tools to help you purchase a car in person, then carbuyingtips.com is for you. Jeff Ostroff, host of carbuyingtips.com, walks you through every step of a car purchase, from the research phase right through driving the car off the lot.

Among some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to buy a car online
  • How to buy your first car
  • Facts about hybrid vehicles
  • How to get a used car's history
  • Typical dealer tricks
The site has a lot of information, so don't expect to read it all in just an hour or two. And don't be deterred by the sometimes huge amount of text you see before you. While the amount of information can be daunting (I think that the site would benefit from breaking up the sometimes very long pages into smaller bits), it's definitely worth the time.

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