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There are many free online image editing tools. Why use a site instead of software, you ask? Well, for starters you might not be on your own computer and thus you might not have access to or be able to install image editing software. Also, for some minor edits, these sites are not only sufficient but sometimes quicker and easier to use.

Here's a list of some good image editing sites for you to try out:

1. Picnik: Offers both basics (crop, resize, rotate) and special effects for free. You can upgrade to a premium account to get additional features.

2. Lunapic: Offers a "software" type interface with a toolbar at the left.

3. Fotoflexer: Offers layers, among other things.

4. Splashup: Splashup, nee Fauxto, requires (as of this writing) Flash Player 10 to use. Splashup has two offerings: a full version that offers layers and other power tool and a "lite" version that is downloadable and allows for quick and easy touchups.

5. Flauntr: Offers many tools; site is a little busy but tools are readily identified.

6. DrPic: DrPic touts its ease of use. The work area is similar to that found in many simple photo editing software offerings.

7. Phixr: Aside from continuing the annoying trend of having a brand name that ends in the "-er" sound but truncates the spelling of that sound to just "-r," phixr lets you either edit a photo with a temporary account (temporary accounts are good for 2 hours) or sign up for a permanent account.

Which one do I recommend? None. That's because I think the best one depends on your needs and on which interface you find the most comfortable. What I do recommend is trying out each one and seeing which one does the job best for you; you might find that using a couple of them is the best way to go.

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