How to Get Free Audio Books Online

You can get free audio books from a multitude of websites. I am beginning to like audio after years of viewing them as poor alternatives to bound books because they are so convenient for allowing you to listen to books while commuting, exercising, or doing other activities where you'd otherwise not be able to handle a traditional bound book.

Here are some sites that I am using a lot lately to get classics and instructional audio books:

  • Librivox has a large collection of public domain audio books. Librivox is not only a site, it's a movement with the goal of making as many public domain publications as possible available as audio books. There are links for browsing the Librivox collection, getting the latest Librivox news, and even for becoming a Librivox volunteer (volunteers read a book and record themselves doing so).

  • Like Librivox, offers a large number of audiobooks. The site is well-designed and easily browsed because the navigation menu on the left is well broken down: Fiction and its various subgenres (classics, modern, adventure, etc.); Children's; and Non-fiction (philosophy, religion, humor, etc.).

  • Project Gutenberg:The Audio Books Project has a nice good-sized library. You can search by author, post date, or language. If you don't know what in particular you want, you can also browse by title, author, language, or post date. The site also has a nice Top 100 that you can check out for further ideas.

  • Open Culture: Open Culture claims to have "[t]he best cultural and educational media on the web" and features lists of all sorts of free audio books, podcasts, etc. Get started with this old but bountiful list of potential downloads.

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