How to Create Text Message Shortcut in Windows Mobile

If you want to make a shortcut on your Windows Mobile Home Screen for quickly creating a text message, here are the steps:
  1. Open Notepad (or another text editor).
  2. Type 20#"\Windows\tmail.exe" -service "SMS" -to "" -body "" if you just want to create a blank text.
  3. Type 20#"\Windows\tmail.exe" -service "SMS" -to "[number or contact name]" -body "" if you want to create an addressed text.
  4. Save the file by going to File > Save As > and in the "Save as type:" box change the type to all files and then in the "File name:" box give the file a name and replace the .txt extension with a .lnk extension. For example, you could call it "1New SMS.lnk" or "1Joe SMS.lnk" -- reflecting whether it's blank or addressed. I placed a "1" in front of the name to make the icon show up early in the queue of shortcuts shown on my device's Home Screen to minimize the button clicks needed to access it since I don't have a touch-screen phone. A good place to save the file is on the desktop of your computer so it's easy to reach during the next step. Wherever you decided to save it, you will now see a file that has a name lacking the .lnk extension since it is a shortcut. Don't worry, that's normal; going back to the examples above, you'd see "1New SMS" or "1Joe SMS" on your desktop if that's where you saved the file.
  5. Open Microsoft ActiveSync and click on the "Explore" button.
  6. Copy the shortcut file you created earlier to the path My Windows Mobile-Based Device\Windows\Start Menu.
  7. Then on the phone, set your Home Screen Shortcuts and select your newly created shortcut.

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