How to Send and Receive Faxes for Free Online

If you want to send and/or receive faxes online, there are a few options. Most sites will charge to receive or send faxes. Some will allow free receiving or free faxing, but not both. Others will allow sending or receiving for free but on a limited basis. The good thing is that you can use a combination of sites to both send and receive faxes for free.

How to Send Faxes for Free

FaxZero allows you to send two faxes a day for free. Faxable file formats include .doc, .docx, and .pdf. If your message is very small, you can just type it into a textbox and fax that; however you cannot fax a file and text typed into the text box in a single fax. Each fax can consist of one document that is up to three pages in length. There will be an advertisement on the cover page but the cover page doesn't count toward the page sending limit. (If these limitations seem, well, too limiting, you can bypass them by paying just $1.99 per fax, which lets you fax one document of up to 15 pages, priority delivery, and an advertisement-free cover page.

To send a fax from the FaxZero page, just type in the Sender and the Recipient information. Attach your file or type your message into the text box. Then finally enter a confirmation code and select "Send Free Fax Now" or "Send $1.99 Fax Now." This is a glimpse of the FaxZero interface:

After that, check your email inbox because you'll have to click on a confirmation link sent to your email address, which you provided when filling in the Sender information. Here's what a confirmation email looks like:

Fax Confirmation from FaxZero

Dear Sender,
Please click on the URL below to send your fax to Recipient at 1234567890.
Your fax will not be delivered until you do so.
By clicking the URL, you agree to's terms of use. Do not use FaxZero to send advertisements, spam, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful or offensive material.
While you're waiting for your document to be faxed, please check out Tiplet: expert computer tips and tech support (new from the makers of FaxZero!)

Be sure to keep your email account open because you'll get one more email, this one a confirmation of your fax having been sent. (Or you can check status at the FaxZero site.)

The confirmation of sending fax looks like this:

Your fax to Recipient has been sent successful

Dear Sender,

Your 3-page fax to Recipient at 1234567890 has been sent successfully.
(Page count does not include the cover page.)

Thank you
The free fax from from FaxZero looks like this:

How to Get Faxes Sent to Your Email for Free

With jConnectFree, you can get email sent directly to your email account for free. This is what jConnectFree says:

Connect Free is the only fax-to-email service with no ads. You can view important faxes without navigating past unsolicited messages and banners from third-party advertisers. With jConnect Free, you get your own personal fax number at no cost. j2 will assign you a random number in the US which may not be in your own local area code. When a fax arrives, it's converted into an email message and sent immediately to your email inbox. Click on the message to display the fax. It looks just like a regular fax. Read it, file it on your computer, print it, or forward it on to someone else. You can receive as many faxes as you want -- at no charge.
How to Get Faxes and Voicemail Sent to Your Email for Free Along With a Free Disposable Phone Number

Another option, and one that I prefer , is K7 Unified Messaging. At K7 Unified Messaging, not only can you get faxes but also voicemail sent to your email. Here is how K7 touts its services:

Sign up for K7, the world's leading web-based unified messaging system that channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail. K7 Unified Messaging provides you with a free phone number. This number enables you to have your voicemail messages and faxes delivered directly to your computer. You also have the option to view and listen to your messages right here on the K7 Web site.
What I like most about K7 is that you get a free disposable phone number. A disposable phone number is great for those times when you have to provide a contact number in the classifieds, job boards, auctions, etc. yet rather not give out your home, work, or cell number. The K7 phone number will be a 206 (Seattle, WA) area code, so those who call it from outside that area code will be charged long distance fees. The phone number expires in 30 days unless you keep it active by receiving a fax or call sent to it (see below for details).

This is what the K7 sign up confirmation email looks like:

Welcome to the world's best totally free universal messaging service, K7 Unified Messaging. This internet-based global messaging service is designed to simplify all of your telecommunication needs.

Your Account Information:
Phone Number: 206-123-4567
Security Code: 0000

When you take full advantage of K7 Unified Messaging, you'll have the convenience of checking both your faxes and your voice mail in one location - your computer!. We've provided you with your own private U.S. phone number, now all you need to do is give the number to your friends, family, business associates and whomever else you choose. Our e-mail messenger will forward their voice mail and fax messages to your e-mail address as attachments for you to access along with your regular e-mail messages.

Your K7 account has been set up with the GSM wave file format which provides you with a lower quality sound but takes up less space than the PCM formatted files. If you would like to change file formats, please go to our website at and click on 'My K7'.

When you call 206-123-4567, you will hear the default greeting. To personalize your greeting, press the star (*) key as soon as K7 answers. You will then be prompted to enter your 4-digit security code. Just follow the instructions to record your personal greeting.

A maximum of 20 messages can be stored on the web site. After which, the newest message erases the oldest. Messages will be saved for only 14 days on the web site.

K7 desires to provide numbers to customers that will use our service. If a K7 number is inactive for 30+ days (use is determined as a voice message or fax message to that number), we will terminate the account for non-use. If your account ever does become terminated, you can register online for a new account.

K7 Unified Messaging is a product of International Telecom LTD ( one of the most innovative telecommunications companies in the business.

As a customer, we invite you to discover the many other powerful services we offer, including:
Kall8 ( )
Kallcents ( )
Kallback ( )
Faxaway ( )

Get ready to save time and money with the use of these services!

Thanks again for becoming a K7 customer. To help you become even more familiar with our service and various features, or to answer any questions, we encourage you to view our website

K7 Unified Messaging

K7 Unified Messaging is a service of International Telcom LTD
"Where the Internet meets the telephone."

Occasionally, ITL e-mails information about new services or special promotions being offered. If you aren't interested in receiving additional information from us, please click here:

Finally, this is what a K7 notification email looks like:


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