"Connection Has Been Lost" Error When Connecting to Terminal Services Through Vista

Ever seen the following error message when connecting to Windows Server 2003 workstation through terminal services through Windows Vista?

The connection has been lost. Attempting to reconnect to your session… Connection attempt: x of 20

If you have, then a Windows Vista feature called "Receive Window Auto-Tuning" could be to blame. Auto Tuning can cause problems when viewing certain websites or when connecting to a network via a router. Turning off Auto Tuning as described below often fixes the problem:
  1. Open up an elevated rights Command Prompt by hitting the WIN key + the R key simultaneously and then typing "cmd" (without quotes) into the Start box.
  2. Next, right-click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator" and then type:

  3. Close the command prompt.
Now see if the "Connection Has Been Lost" error disappears.

If disabling Auto-Tuning doesn’t fix the problem, you can reactivate Auto-Tuning by doing the following:
  1. Open up an elevated Command Prompt.
  2. Once the elevated CP is open, type the following command to enable auto-tuning:
If you want to check the Vista's current TCP parameters, try this in the command prompt:

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