Free Icons for Coding, Personalizing, Etc.

There are many times when you might want some additional icons:
  • You're a programmer and need some icons for your GUI or for files.
  • You are personalizing menus, desktops, etc.
  • You are trying to differentiate certain shortcuts, etc. by giving them icons that stand out.
  • You are customizing bookmarks/favorites.
  • You are creating a favicon for your own website
  • And many other reasons.
While your operating system will probably have a few extra that you can press into service, the choices are limited and often not quite appropos. The solution? Icons, etc., which offers a rich menu of royalty free icons and clip art that will be of use in any of the situations listed above. Furthermore, these are not cheesy looking icons -- no, these icons are very sharp looking, indeed. It's definitely worth taking a look if you are in need of some quality icons.

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