Free, Open-Source Personal Music Server: Sockso

Sockso is, as the title says, a free and open-source personal music application. The designers crow that is very easy and quick to configure and use to share your music with others across the 'net.

Sockso sports a number of nice key features:
  • Portable (no install, in other words)
  • Built in Java so it's cross platform, which really extends the portability factor
  • Supports popular formats MP3, Flac, OGG Vorbis, WMA
  • Stats
  • Playlists
  • SSL
and there's a host of other features.

I won't post screen captures of Sockso here since the initial link in this article points to the project's home page, which features a few looks at it.

There is a detailed and easy to browse online manual to consult while getting used to the software.

Sockso is definitely worth a test drive to see if it fits your needs since it's free, requires no installation to use, and is easy to use.

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