How to Enable "Read More" Posts in Blogger

Many bloggers who have Blogger powered blogs have wanted to create post previews like those seen in blogs powered by Wordpress. Unfortunately, there was no easy built-in way to do create "Read More" posts in Blogger. Instead, you'd have to hack your blog's code. In fact, if you Google search the topic "how to create read more posts +Blogger" or something along those lines, you will see many tutorials that show how to hack your Blogger blog's code so that a "Read More" option exists. Unfortunately, while brilliant, these "Read More" hacks are complicated and time consuming to implement.
But good news! Blogger Buzz has announced that, as part of the celebration of Blogger turning 10 years old, a Read More feature has been added. I won't bother recreating the steps here, but instead will link you directly to the Blogger Buzz post detailing how to enable the new "Read More" feature.  (Note: if you have hacked your Blogger blog code for other reasons, make sure to see the bottom of this post if you are experiencing difficulty enabling this new feature. However, you can take solace in knowing that I have heavily hacked the code in my Blogger blogs but was able to use the new post editor to insert a working "Read More" link on several posts in this blog.)

Also, don't miss out on all the other goodies that Blogger is rolling out in celebration of its 10th birthday. These include Tag Clouds and more.

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