How to Watch Sports Broadcasts for Free Online

Trying to watch your favorite team's games can be both a real chore and really expensive. 

Local blackouts.  Costly sports subscription packages.  What's a poor fan to do?

As usual, the Web can come to the rescue.  Several websites rebroadcast sports events via streaming video. While none of these sites is perfect or foolproof, they can serve as an option for a fan that is desperate to watch their team. At each, navigate to the sports telecasts section and click on the game of your choice.  The quality of the video streams can be very uneven; sometimes they're good, other times poor.  The feeds can come from Canada or Europe as well as the U.S.

Here are several sites to try using to watch your favorite team online: 
  4. ESPN360 - ESPN360 allows you to watch replays of games in addition to some live events; doesn't have NFL though.
I picked these because there is no need to install any additional software.   Having typically installed media viewers will suffice.

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