Move Off Screen Window Back On

Ever open a program but not be able to see it on screen, although you can see an instance of it on your taskbar?

The first thing is to to do is right-click on its taskbar instance and select "Restore," since it's possible that the shortcut you used to open the application was set to open it in a minimized window.

However, if selecting "Restore" doesn't work, then the window likely opened off screen. This can happen when a program has been used on a different computer (say it's a portable app), especially on one that was running either dual -- or more -- monitors or with a very large monitor with lots of landscape. In that case, right-click on the taskbar instance and select "Move." If "Move" is grayed out, first select "Restore" by right-clicking on the taskbar instance, and then go back and again right-click on the taskbar instance and select "Move." Then use the arrow keys on your monitor to attempt to move the window into view enough to snag it with your mouse. Try one arrow key at a time and hold that arrow key down long enough for the offscreen window to appear. If one arrow key doesn't work, try another.

Once the window appears, continue until about a quarter of it is visible, and then hit the enter key. This freezes it in position, and you can then use your mouse to grab it and move it where you want.

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