How to Run XP PowerToys PowerCalc On Vista

Some of the XP Powertoys were quite useful -- the PowerCalc was one of my favorite Powertoys. However, it isn't compatible with Vista. But don't fret because the fix for this is very easy. First, create a PowerCalc shortcut (right-click on the executable and select "Create Shortcut"). Then right-click on the shortcut and select "Properties." Next, under the "Compatibility" tab, look for the section called "Compatibility Mode" and check the box to "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and in the drop down box select "Windows XP SP2." Hit OK once done.

Then click your shortcut to open PowerCalc. If the Program Compatibility Assistant window appears, just click the "Run Program" button. After that PowerCalc should run fine. The next time you run PowerCalc via the shortcut and see the PCA window, just check the box "Don't show this message again" at the bottom.

In fact, this is a technique you can try with other legacy programs that, prima facie, don't run in Vista.

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