Free Online Walking Route Planner: Google Map Pedometer

If you're a walking enthusiast, jogger, or runner, you'll like GMaps Pedometer. This free, Google-Maps-based web site allows you to easily plan routes for upcoming walks, jogs, and runs.

To use GMaps Pedometer, start by either typing an address or clicking on a location and then zooming in. Once you have established your starting point, zoom in to find individual streets, etc. Click on the "Start Recording" button on the left side to start plotting your trail. GMaps Pedometer will calculate your route's total distance. Simply click once for a starting point, then click another point on the map to mark a destination. Keep clicking new points until you've plotted your entire route.

While Google Maps itself provides walking directions, it doesn't let you customize your route between points.  This ability to customize is what sets apart GMaps Pedometer.

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