Here's the Fix if Visio Viewer is Not Working

If you've received a Visio (.vsd) file from someone but don't have Microsoft Visio installed, you can download the free Visio Viewer from Microsoft to view its contents inside of Internet Explorer.  If Visio Viewer isn't working and you're only seeing a red X inside of IE even after allowing Active X controls to run, the cause is Windows Update KB973525, which was a patch for Active X Killbits.  In several forums, the fix is purported to involve simply uninstalling KB973525.  Unfortunately, that isn't accurate; get the real lowdown on how to fix this issue from the Visio team at the Visio Insights blog.

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  1. I was having that issue, but just gave up and signed up for an account with LucidChart. Wasn't too bad it was free and easy. If you want you can attach the link to others who don't want to fight the hassle.

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