I was looking for a way to quickly switch between proxy and non-proxy web access for my Firefox Portable.  I first came across the Firefox add-on called SwitchProxy, but it didn't work; instead it crashed Firefox. I then read reviews on the SwitchProxy homepage and found that numerous other users had the same problem: it isn't working in Firefox 3.6. 

So I kept looking for a proxy manager and then found FoxyProxy.  It worked, but I found it to be complicated and buggy.  Also, it's not a full release; you must purchase a license to the pro version, which lasts only 12 months, to get access to all features.

After striking out twice, I put my fingers to work a third time, did more web searches, and found a great alternative to SwitchProxy and FoxyProxy called QuickProxy.  It is exactly what I was looking for -- an easy to use, lightweight, free, and fully enabled add on for quickly switching between proxy servers while in Firefox.  QuickProxy runs as an icon in the status bar, much like No Script and IE Tab do (if you are familiar with either of those two popular Firefox add-ons). 

I highly recommend QuickProxy over either SwitchProxy or FoxyProxy.  It's easy to install, configure, and use.  Best of all, it allows for rapid switching between proxy servers and doesn't slow or crash Firefox.

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