Everything Search Engine

The Everything Search Engine sports an apropos name.  This extremely useful and powerful tool, which you can download at Void Tools, will find and list everything on your computer.  You then enter search parameters to filter out all but what you are seeking. 

What lured me to try Everything is that it is free and portable (as you can tell from this blog, I love to keep up with freeware offerings and I prefer those that are portable).  What will keep me using it is that in my tests, I was wowed by its blazingly fast operations.  It also impressed me with how light it is on system resources, especially considering its power and speed.

Everything works in real time, too.  If you add or delete a file that fits your search's parameters, that change will immediately display.  That's very nice, because you can initiate context-menu actions from the results that display in the left column, such as copy, delete, etc.  The right column of the search results displays the full path.  The Everything 1.2.0 beta allows you to use an external file manager for such administrative actions. (See the detailed Everything FAQ page for details regarding the external file manager set up and for other useful tips and troubleshooting information.)

Here is a screen capture filtering for anything with "4" in it:

There are only a few caveats about Everything.  First, it doesn't search the contents of files themselves.  It only searches local or removable volumes for files and folders by name.  Also, it requires NTFS.

I highly recommend that you go download and try Everything Search Engine.  As they say in advertising, how can I and all these reviewers at CNET be wrong?

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