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One way to make a little extra dough is by selling unwanted items like books you've read and no longer want.  Of course, you can always sell your unwanted books at eBay or Amazon.  However, there you have to pay a commission, pay for shipping, and cross your fingers that your book(s) will sell.  Fortunately, there is an alternative to listing your books for sale.  There are several websites that will help you easily turn those unwanted books into cash by immediately buying them from you.

Cash 4 Books
The first of these sites is  This site lets you simply enter the ISBN of your book(s) you want to sell, print a shipping label so you can send the books to cash4books, and then receive your money via PayPal or check. Good news: shipping is free. Bad news: The site tends to buy only recent books, however; right now that translates into books that were published in 2007 or later.

Another website that you can look to for selling your books is Ckybooks. This site has been buying books for over 10 years. Shipping is free.

AbeBooks is the third site that you can go to if you want to try to sell your book. AbeBooks pays for shipping and tracking.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of CKY Books. We also have instant quotes, payment either by check or Paypal and great customer service!

    We can be found at or on Twitter (@ckybooks)


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