Free Guide to Seating at Fenway Park

Many fans revere Fenway Park, home to the Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox.  Give any fan a chance to see a baseball game there and they're likely to take up that offer.  However, since the park hearkens back to 1912, it has many quirky seating features, including seats that will force you to sit with your neck craned either left or right, and seats in the grandstand that have their views obscured by the poles that support the upper deck of the stadium.

If you are trying to score tickets to catch a game a Fenway, there is much you need to research: opponent, time, weather, ticket cost, and which section of the stadium to sit.  For the issue of where to sit, is invaluable.  Much like how shows you where the best seats are on airlines, shows you the best seats in Fenway.  Furthermore, for almost every seat in the house, will show you the exact view from that seat, so you can see what you can't see from your seat because of poles, angles, etc.  This is a must-use resource for anyone going to Fenway.

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