View Microsoft Access Database Contents without Installing Access by Using MDB Viewer Plus

Microsoft introduced new file formats when it rolled out Office 2007.  While there are advantages to using those new formats, many users cannot work with them or even view their contents because they have older versions of Office installed and are unaware of plug-ins or freeware that will allow them to work with the new formats. (As an aside, I think out of courtesy that the original creator should save in a backward compatible format if they do not know for sure if the recipients can work with Office 2007 formats, but I digress.)

The portable freeware application MDB Viewer Plus will allow you to view and edit the contents of Microsoft Access files, including those in Office 2007 format (accdb).  You can get it at MDB Plus.  That page also lists features and contains a description of the product.

I have used it a few times; the first time it seemed a little buggy.  Since then it has actually worked as advertised.  I think it's a good tool to have, especially for those that don't have Access installed.

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