Sign In to Multiple Gmail Accounts Simultaneously in the Same Web Browser

The Official Gmail Blog just posted a tutorial on how you can access two Gmail accounts from within the same web browser.

Logging on to multiple Google Accounts with this new feature is very easy.  If you have more than one Google Account, just use one of them to sign into Google Accounts., Then, under Profile, go to Personal Settings and then click the Edit link that's next to Multiple sign-in.  After that, you'll be directed to a page where you can enable Multiple sign-in, provided that you click on all the checkboxes to indicate you understand how to use the feature.

At this point you can log in to three accounts simultaneously.  While Gmail, Calendar, Code, Reader, Site, and Voice allow signing on to multiple accounts, other Google Apps do not at this time.  For example, Blogger and Picasa do not allow for multiple account log ons as of this writing.  If you attempt to to use multiple sign ons with those apps that do not support it, you'll be directed to the app of the account you first logged on with, even if you click from within a supporting app under the second account.

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