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Google's Blogger service has undergone many positive changes during the last year in an effort to bring the blogging platform up to par with other popular services.  New editors, the ability to truncate posts on the home page, and a new template designer are among the nifty new tools Blogger offers.  Alas, there is no tool yet for adding a recent posts widget.  While, Blogger has integrated a few third-party recent posts widgets into its widget offerings (accessed from the Design page within Blogger), they seem to work on a hit-or-miss basis.  Fortunately, there is a very easy way to quickly add a recent posts widget to your Blogger blog.

If you have an RSS feed for your Blogger blog, then you can use either method listed below to add your own RSS feed as a recent posts widget.

How to Create a  Recent Posts Widget Through Blogger's Add a Gadget Feature
  1. From your the Blogger dashboard, click on the Design link.  Then once on the Add and Arrange Elements Page, go to Add a Gadget.
  2. Next, select Feed.
  3. Once the Configure Feed window opens, enter your blog's RSS feed URL in the box.
  4. After the feed is retrieved, provide an applicable title to your recent posts widget in the Title box.
  5. You can configure number of recent posts that you want to show on your blog with the Show drop down box. The default is five.  If you want to display date next to the post or if you are having different authors on your blog, check the check boxes by those options.  Finally, you can choose to have the links open in a different window, but since this is your own blog, you'll probably decide to leave this option unchecked.
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Now you can drag and drop your new recent posts widget wherever you'd like to be located on your page.
Creating recent Posts Widget from FeedBurner :
  1. Log on to Feedburner.
  2. Locate your blog’s feed menu and then navigate to Publicize.
  3. Click on BuzzBoost and activate it.
  4. Copy the HTML code shown.
  5. Select either show posts titles or post titles with summary.
  6. Go to Blogger and then follow steps 1 - 7 shown above.

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