Close Word 2007 Document Without Closing Word Entirely

The Microsoft Office 2007 Suite was quite a departure from previous versions.  It saved files in different formats.  And in a move that really irked many, it introduced the Ribbon and disposed of the old, familiar menu bar.

For the most part I prefer the Ribbon, as so many commands are easily accessible.  My gripe is that some functions that were grouped together because they were related are now spread apart and others have disappeared.  One function that is gone (though it was not really part of the menu bar proper) is the sub-X in the upper right hand corner that closed only the current document, but not Word entirely, and that sat below the main X that did close out Word entirely.

While in Word 2007 you can close just a document by going through the Office button at the upper left, that involves several clicks.  A quicker way to close just the document is to instead use a keyboard shortcut. Either Ctrl-W or Ctrl-F4 will close the current document without closing Word completely.

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