Why Does My Wii Have a Yellow Light on the Power Button?

If, like me, you did not initially connect your Nintendo Wii to the Internet via its wireless connection, you probably were used to its power button being green when the unit was on and red when it was off.

However, if eventually you changed your mind and decided to connect your Wii to the 'net, you may wonder why after doing so the power light turns yellow when the unit is turned off instead of red and why the CD slot glows, blinking as it receives data . The reason the power button light is yellow is because WiiConnect24 is activated and the unit is in standby mode when not on, rather than being completely powered off.  Luckily, if, like me, you don't want this, it's easy to fix.

Turn on your Wii and go to its settings screen.  Go to WiiConnect24 and change the standby mode from "On" to "Off."  This will eliminate the yellow power button issue and the unit will now completely turn off and the power light will turn red.  Some consumers have complained that the standby mode overheats the unit since its fan is not on even though the unit is still actively working to process signals, so deactivating standby not only will eliminate the yellow light, but perhaps spare your Wii from overheating.

As for the blinking CD slot, you can deactivate that by remaining in the WiiConnect24 menu and then navigating to the "Slot Illumination" function.  Once there, you can change the setting from "Dim" to "Bright" or "Off" -- I chose "Off" as the blinking light was very bright at night, even on the "Dim" setting, and I found that annoying.

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