How to Minimize Eye Strain While on Computer

EyesRelax is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer screen.  It is free, comes both in an installable or portable version, and is simple to use.

The EyesRelax interface has four tabs (there is a screen capture of it on the EyesRelax home page).  The four tabs are Breaks, Protection, Settings, and About. The Breaks tab allows you to configure the frequency and duration of short breaks and whether or not you also want to take a periodic long break, and how often you'd like to take the long break (e.g., every 5 short breaks, etc.).

The Protection tab allows you to set a password and enable or disable the break cancellation feature.  Settings allows you to select a language, and most usefully, create and save a profile.  The About tab not only provides the usual information about the project but also a chance to donate, which I encourage you to consider.

As far as the warnings, they come in the form of an alert at the top center of your screen, which counts down the break time.  You also can have an audio accompaniment if desired; this is useful so you don't have to look at the screen to know when break's over.

I encourage the use of EyesRelax.  It has really helped me -- I was having eye strain and dryness prior to implementing its use.  Now my eyes are in much better condition.

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