Great Free On-the-Fly Partitioning Software for Windows

Savvy computer owners know the value of partitioning their hard drives; for instance, you can partition your drive so that the operating system in on its own partition, while your data (e.g., music, documents, pictures) is on another partition, which makes operating system management easy. On-the-fly re-partitioning is great because of its convenience  (but be sure to back it all up prior to starting the partitioning process). Vista and Windows 7 have a decent built-in partitioning feature that allows for on-the-fly re-partitioning; XP (still used by many businesses and households, as attested to by its 60% or so share of the operating system market) has no such offering.

Until recently, I relied on a Linux live CD with GParted to repartition my disks. This worked fine for the most part, but still I had to log off WIndows, insert the Linux CD, reboot, and then unmount the drives once in Knoppix (the live CD distro I tend to use). Then luckily one day I learned about the EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition, which allows for ON-THE-FLY repartitioning from within Windows! Yes, I had struck a freeware gold mine -- I immediately Googled for reviews to make sure that the software was indeed legit. Then I went to the EASEUS site to read what the catch was; the catch is very reasonable: the free version is for home users only. After reading nothing but good reviews, I decided to test the EASEUS software. It worked spectacularly and was extremely easy to use. Granted, I was pretty familiar with the interface and features from using GParted; however, I think that anyone competent enough to repartition a hard drive is going to catch on to using EASEUS quickly.

Rather than make my own, I'll provide the link to EASEUS' own list of  features.

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