How to View Multiple EMails in Gmail on the Same Screen

I'm sure that, like me, there have been times while you were in Gmail and wanted to reference one email while reading or composing another.  You may think that to do so you must perform the clunky routine of closing one email and switching to the other email containing the information you need.  However, you are not limited to viewing and composing emails on the main Gmail landing page. Power users know that Gmail also provides an option to open emails in a new window; to do so, just do the following:
  • When reading, click on link "New Window"near the upper right corner of the email (if you're looking at the upper right hand corner of the main Gmail window, you're looking too high; look to the far right of the email title).  By using this feature, you can open several emails at the same time and tile them so that you can view them on the same screen.  
  • When composing, there is a double window icon just above the upper right corner of the "To:"box; click that and you'll release the email from its main screen prison to the freedom of a separate window.

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  1. Hi,
    I found your piece on opening multiple windows in gmail, [W7, Google Chrome 64bit], interesting, but I have not yet discovered how to open up more than one.

    The two windows icon with the oblique upward facing arrow is only available for single use, and cannot be re-used until the first extra window is closed.

    I would be grateful for some advise.


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