Set Up Dual Screen Wallpaper without Using a Third-Party Utility

Ever seen someone with a nice dual-screen wallpaper that spans both screens, rather than merely duplicates the same image on both screen?  Did you wonder how they did it?  Well, they might have used a third-party utility.  However, it's possible to do so in Windows by just using the native features.  Here's how:
  1. Find a wallpaper that you like and scale it to two times your screen resolution .  For instance, if your resolution is 1280x1024, you should scale the wallpaper to 2560x2048.  You'll want to take a very large wallpaper and reduce it in size rather than take a very small one and enlarge it, which will distort the image.
  2. In Window's wallpaper dialog, browse for and select the wallpaper.
  3. Change the mode to TILE (not center or or stretch!)

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