Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox

Avoid repetitive motion problems with your mouse hand by integrating keyboard shortcuts into your surfing repertoire. Here are some useful ones for Firefox users.

Navigation History
Back: Backspace or Alt+Left
Forward: Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right
Open History: Shift+H

Web Search
Select search bar: Ctrl+K
Change search engine: Ctrl/Down (Next) +Up (Previous)

Web Navigation
Open Bookmarks: Ctrl+B
Select location bar: Ctrl+L or Alt+D
Open link in new window: Shift+Enter
Open link in new tab: Ctrl+Enter
Open address/search in new tab: Alt+Enter
URL completion:  For .com completion: type word then hit Ctrl+Enter (e.g., type weather in location bar, then hit Ctrl+Enter and URL will complete as  For .net completion, hit Shift+Enter.

Page Search
Prompted page search: Ctrl+F
Find as you type text: /
Find as you type link: '
Caret browsing (allows for selection of text on page from keyboard): F7

Tab Management
Switch tabs: Ctrl+Tab
Select tab (1-9): Ctrl+[1-9 key]

Refresh Page
Refresh: Ctrl+R or F5
Refresh (override browser cache): Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R

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