Free DNS Hosts

With DynDNS's acquisitions of EveryDNS and EditDNS, webmasters and bloggers that relied on those services may be wondering where to turn for free DNS hosting. (Both EveryDNS and EditDNS phase out on August 31, 2011.)

Here are four options:
  1. ClouDNS - Get 3 domains free; premium plans available.
  2. FreeDNS - The main page contains plenty of details regarding offerings, etc. so I won't recap here.
  3. XName - Documentation is sparse but it's free.
  4. ZoneEdit - You get 2 domains free.
Edit: You may be interested in my post detailing how to configure ZoneEdit to serve as a DNS host for a Blogger blog with a custom domain; configuration for each host listed here would be similar.

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