Podcast Apps for Android

Most Android podcasting apps unfortunately are not known for being stellar. Here are the the 4 main contenders (based on my research of reviews and forums) to consider:
  1. Doggcatcher -- This app gets the best reviews in most articles and forums and has a 4.5 start rating at this writing in the Android Market. Its drawback?  No trial period and a $6.99 price tag.
  2. Beyond Pod -- Gets mostly good reviews (4 stars at the Android Market) and provides a 7-day trial period to let you see if it's worth its $6.99 price tag.
  3. ACast - Also gets more good reviews than bad (4 star rating at the Android Market).  Comes in a free-but-ad-supported full version and a pro version that does away with the ads in exchange for you coughing up $3.99.
  4. Google Listen -- This is a free app courtesy of Google Labs.  It gets very mixed reviews; it's either loved or hated and I think the "hated" camp is the more prevalent of the two.

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