Album Art Troubleshooting on Android

If you are having difficulty getting album art to appear on your Android-based phone, here is a possible solution.  While some album art is encoded in a audio files metatagging, often only a path to associated album art is included.  That album art often is included in a hidden folder that accompanies the album's music files.

So say you have an album called 123 by band XYZ.  The folder for the album resides in your Music folder, so you have a path along the lines of this: drive:\folder\band\album, e.g., c:\Music\XYZ\123.  Inside of the folder 123 there is a hidden system folder called albumart that contains the image file for the album art.  In Windows, go to your folder options and enable system folders and files to be shown (for now -- once done, disable this setting again for safety reasons; also, since the method for doing this varies slightly between XP, Vista, and 7, you'll need to do a web search on the proper procedure if you are unfamiliar with it).  Now that you can view the albumart folder, you need to copy this to your Android phone and place it in the folder with your music, which presumably is organized by artist/album.   (Since phones can vary somewhat by brand and model, you'll have to experiment to identify the correct folder on the phone.)  After doing so, you should now see the correct album art on your phone.

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