ZoneScreen: Freeware for Extending the Desktop to Another Machine's Screen

ZoneScreen by ZoneOS is freeware that enables you to extend your screen to the monitor of another networked computer or to a portable device, allowing that secondary device to serve as a dual monitor for your primary system.  While ZoneScreen is free, it is not Open Source.

ZoneScreen  has two components: 1) the wizard and 2) the driver.  The wizard must be run on both machines; one will be the server (it projects its screen) and the other the client (it receives the server's screen; i.e., it serves as the extension of the server's desktop).

You have to install the ZoneScreen Virtual Display Driver on the server machine for it to be able to extend your desktop onto the second machine (called the client on the wizard).  The driver allows the server to extend its desktop to the client by acting as a virtual secondary monitor connection.  I found that you only need to install the driver on the server.  In fact, on the client machine, you don't necessarily have to install the software -- you can just run it as a portable app by downloading the zip file, extracting its contents, and running the executable.

While its operation isn't silky smooth, ZoneScreen works pretty decently.  Considering its price tag of zero -- the only other software I've managed to find that does this same thing is MaxiVista, which costs $39.99 -- you really have nothing to lose by trying it out to see if it works for you.

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