How to Merge (Import) two Blogger Blogs

If you want to merge two or more Blogger blogs, it's actually quite easy to do so.

First, I recommend making a back up of your current blogs by going to Settings > Export Blog.

Next, go to the blog that you want to merge the other blog(s) into and do an import by going to Settings > Import Blog.  The wizard that appears next is very simple and will allow you to simply import the other blog's posts into the existing blog's current structure.  Dates, times, and comments from the blog being imported will be preserved.  There is a limit of a couple hundred posts allowed per day, so all imported posts may not immediately display.  Also, you may need to go through post dates after importing since the process doesn't check for posts overlapping on the same date; they'll all display, but you may end up with days containing more than a single post.


  1. it has been helpful..! thanks

  2. Thank you! Very helpful! For some reason even though the box was checked to "automatically publish all imported blogs" it didn't so I had to go into each of the posts and "publish" but that was no big deal.

  3. Thank you for the simple explanation. I am doing that right now.

  4. i learn so many things from this blog.keep updating.thank you so much.


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