TOAD Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for TOAD:

F1: Windows help file

F2: Toggle full screen editor

Shift+F2: Toggle full screen grid

F3: Find next occurrence

F4: Describe

F5: Set or delete a breakpoint in Proc Editor for
PL/SQL debugging or execute as script in SQL Editor.

F6: Toggle between SQL Editor and results panel.

F7: Clear all text, trace into Proc Editor

F8: Recall previous SQL statement or step over in
Proc Editor for PL/SQL debugging.

F9: Execute statement in SQL Editor compile in Proc Editor

CTRL+F9: Verify statement without execution (parse) in SQL Editor, set parameters in Proc Editor for PL/SQL debugging.

SHIFT+F9: Execute current statement at cursor in SQL Editor or
execute current source in Proc Editor without PL/SQL debugging

F10: Popup menu

F11: Run (continue execution) in Proc Editor for PL/SQL debugging

F12: Run to cursor in Proc Editor for PL/SQL debugging.

CTRL+F12: Pass SQL or Proc Editor contents to specified external editor

CTRL+ALT+B: Display PL/SQL debugger breakpoints window

CTRL+D: Display procedure parameters

CTRL+ALT+D: Display PL/SQL debugger in DBMS output window

CTRL+E: Execute explain plan on current statement

CTRL+ALT+E: Display PL/SQL debugger evaluate/modify window

CTRL+G: Go to line

CTRL+L: Convert text to lowercase

CTRL+M: Make code statement

CTRL+N: Recall named SQL statement

CTRL+P: Strip code statement

CTRL+R: Find and replace

SHIFT+CTRL+S: Save file as

CTRL+ALT+S: Display PL/SQL debugger call stack window

CTRL+T: column dropdown

CTRL+U: Converts text to uppercase

CTRL+ALT+W: Display PL/SQL debugger watches window

CTRL+SHIFT+Z: Redo last undo

ALT+UP: Display previous statement

ALT+DOWN: Display next statement (after ALT+UP)

CTRL+HOME: In data grids, go to top of the recordset

CTRL+END: In data grids, go to end of the recordset

CTRL+TAB: Cycle through collection of MDI child windows

CTRL+(period): Auto completes tablenames

CTRL+ENTER: Execute current SQL (same as SHIFT+F9)

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