Convert PowerPoint to Video

If you've made a PowerPoint that you now want to convert to video to put on a CD, DVD, or on the web, then you have several options.

Built-in Options
If you are using Office 2010, PowerPoint has a built-in option for exporting to video.  For versions prior to 2010, you can save the PowerPoint in web page format.

There are many software packages that convert PowerPoint to video; I won't list them here because they are numerous and require purchase (if you've come across freeware for PowerPoint conversion, please post in the comments below).  I recommend doing a web search for products and then cross-searching for reviews of the product and taking advantage of trial periods to evaluate.

Web-based Solutions
There is a good web-based solution for converting PowerPoint to video called authorStream.  The site lets you convert and share PowerPoint presentations online.  The services are free, but the site requires registration.

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