How to Move a Range of Formulas in Excel

A recommended method for moving a formula in Excel without changing a relative cell reference is to click on the cell, then in the formula bar and then use the F4 key to toggle it to an absolute reference (i.e., changing the cell reference from A1 to $A$1).  Then copy and paste it in the new location and toggle it back to a relative reference by F4ing.

If you have a range of formulas you want to move, however, this can be cumbersome.  A much easier way to move a range of formulas without breaking the cell references is to either:
  • Select the cell with the formula and then drag the fill handle over the range to be filled or
  • Move formulas by dragging the selected cell(s) border to the upper-left cell of the area being pasted into. Existing data in the paste area is overwritten.

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