How to Scroll IFrame in Android

Some website feature a window within a webpage that can be scrolled; these are called iframes.

Many Android platform users report being unable to scroll an iframe because the scrollbar is not visible. If you find that you have this problem, you have several possible workarounds:
  1. Zoom in until the iframe portion of the page completely fills the screen.  Tes might activiate the scrollbar and allow you to scroll the iframe.
  2. Try double-touching the screen.  This means you use two fingers to scroll on the iframe area.
  3. If neither #1 or #2 work, try a different browser such as Dolphin, xScope, or Opera.  If none of those three work, try out Firefox.  I listed Firefox separately and last because it is slow and resource-intensive on Android, but if it's your only recourse, then use it only when you must.  (This is akin to how I use Internet Explorer -- only when it's the only way to view a site properly.)

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