How to Access Google Reader on Kindle

If you use Google Reader as your RSS feed reader, you might want to use it on your Kindle to take advantage of being able to read it on the go in a format that is easy on the eyes.  There are two ways of doing so.

Browse to Google Reader
One way is to use the Kindle's browser (menu key > experimental) to surf to and log in to your Google Reader account.  If you use the "F" button you can then get a full screen view of your feeds and you can navigate the screen via the Kindle's directional pad.

Have Your Google Reader Feeds Delivered to Your Kindle
Another option is to use the free service to have your Google Reader feeds sent to you.  You can have all your feeds sent or filter those you get by creating a folder in Google Reader containing your favorite feeds and having send only that folder's contents to your "" email address at a time of your choosing.  You can have up to 100 articles sent daily.

EDIT 2/28/12:  Two other services that will deliver content to your Kindle are KindleFeeder and ToMyKindle.

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