How to Make Your Own U.S. Passport Picture

Making your own U.S. passport picture is not that hard and can save you both the hassle of going somewhere to have the service performed and some money.

There are two options online that you can use to create your own passport picture.

Create Your U.S. Passport Picture Online for Free
You can use the website photo to make your own U.S. passport picture online (the site supports passport requirements for other countries as well). While there are options on the site that require paying a fee, there is a basic free service that should suffice for creating your U.S. passport photo. has a good reputation, good reviews, and you can find articles describing it more fully at several major news sites such as the New York Times or USA Today.

U.S. Passport Picture Tutorials
If you prefer to make your own photos entirely yourself, check out either of the tutorial sites listed below for a good tutorial on how to make your own U.S. passport photo.

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