Convert PDFs into a More Kindle Friendly Format

I have a number of e-books in PDF format but when I tried to read them on the Kindle, I found that, though the Kindle is capable of  rendering them, it doesn't do a great job of it.  The fonts are very small and the screen orientation had to be changed to landscape to view an entire page. With some research, I found several free and portable (i.e., don't require installation) apps that allowed me to convert the PDF e-books into a more Kindle-friendly format. These three great tools are:

  1. Calibre - This free portable app (also available in an standard installation package) allows for not only the conversion formats but for the organizing of your ebook library.  I used it to convert PDFs to .mobi format.
  2. Briss - Some PDFs have additional page mark up that further complicates the viewing and converting of them.  Use the free portable app Briss to crop the PDFs much the way you would crop photos so that no superfluous items remain that will hinder conversion and viewing.
  3. K2PDFopt - Use this free command line utility to clean up complex PDFs that include Kindle-busting formatting features such as multiple text columns, etc.

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