Pamper your Eyes by Automatically Adjust Your Monitor's Color with F.lux

Looking at a computer screen all day can fatigue your eyes, making them feel dry and tired.  And looking at a screen too close to bedtime can hinder your sleep because the monitor's blue hue keeps your mind in daytime/awake mode.

Enter f.lux.  This great piece of freeware automatically adjusts your screen's color throughout the day.  Set your location by entering in your zip code or latitude and f.lux will adjust your screen's color from a bluer tint in the day to a warmer, more yellow one at night.  This makes the monitor screen match more closely your room's lighting, which in turn spares your eyes and makes being in front of a computer less uncomfortable, not to mention less likely to interfere with your sleep if viewing close to bedtime.  You can also manually set the software for monitors in rooms with overhead fluorescent or halogen lights.

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