Change Generic Drive Icon to Custom Icon for USB Drive

Even with the proliferation of cloud services that allow for file storage, many users prefer to use USB drives to carry around data.  And why not -- though possible to lose and possessed of a finite number of read/writes, USB drives are small, easy to use, and pretty much fungible (though the data on them may not be).

That being the case, many users have several USB drives and even will plug more than one in at a time. Having unique icons represent them within navigators such as Windows Explorer can make it easier to distinguish the USB drive from other system drives.  You can implement such a system pretty easily:

  1. Download a picture of your USB drive; a web search more often than not will fetch what you need.
  2. Convert the picture to an .ico file if it is not already in that format.  Do a web search for free online file converters.
  3. Create an ini file that will execute code when drive is inserted that will replace the default drive image with the customized one.  Make a new text file in Notepad and save it with an .ini extension rather than a .txt extension.  Place this file in the root of the USB drive's directory.  The code to place in the ini file is:
ACTION = Usb-Menu

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